Does your child have an inventive mind waiting to be explored?

Does your child show interest in environmental issues?

Want to involve your child in eco solutions?

Do you want to foster your child’s innovative problem solving?

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Epic Explorations Await!

Epic Explorations Await! Explore environmental challenges of our planet. With our mentor explorers at your side, you will uncover problem solving through the innovative thinking process.

Discover Inner Genius!

Ascent unleashes your child’s hidden strengths, creativity, and innovative ability.

Heroes of the Earth!

Empower your child to be a Planet-Saver! Inspire them to ignite a spark in their community.

Build a Better Tomorrow!

Provide your child the tools to be part making a better tomorrow for humanity.

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Ascent Innovation Program

The Ascent Innovation Program is expertly crafted to nurture creativity in your child, enhancing their analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and resilience. Boost your child’s innovative expertise with us.

Innovation solutions to global issues that help inspire and build upon climate sustainability

Learn to use AI and tech-based research to develop and grow your ideas

Evaluate and fine tune your prototype design

Learn how to analyze, evaluate, and scale effective product pricing

Design an impactful and dynamic logo.

Create attention grabbing marketing content, sell sheets and compelling product videos.

Harness creativity to face worldwide issues head-on. Dive in now and benefit from a free hour-long consultation with our specialists.

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